Beth Tobin, CEO

Webdesign Guru, Marketing Strategist, Digital Nomad

Beth began this journey by chance. While teaching computers in a Catholic lower school, she volunteered to update the woefully outdated website for the school. This ignited a passion for what would become a creative outlet and craving for creating user-friendly websites that were easily found and pleasing to the eye.

The next step in her journey was a sideways one. While seeking a position as a web designer in the newly burgeoning field of Reputation Management and Search Engine Optimization, she was instead hired as a content creator. This quickly led to her position as Senior Editor and Content Manager. She was tasked with managing over thirty writers and formulating the content and keyword goals for hundreds of clients, churning out over 300 pieces of original content a week.

Between then and now she has worked freelance, studied the science of search engines and worked as a Marketing Strategist and Content Manager for Next Page. Each step of the way furthering her education and understanding of how to help her clients create and build what their clients need in order to find them in a sea of competitors.

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